Fulfill your financial needs with our plans

We cater for all equipment leasing and/or asset leasing. We source from several different lenders to help with the asset loan for your purchase.

You can use the car you buy as security for the loan, which means you’ll get the benefit of a lower interest rate, compared to what you might with an unsecured loan.

Equipment Loan

An equipment loan (also known as a chattel mortgage) lets your business borrow funds to buy a car or equipment, making it a popular choice for a lot of businesses.

Hire Purchase

Get the car or equipment you need for your business by hiring it over a fixed term with payments tailored to your budget.

Finance lease

Lease the vehicle or equipment you need with no upfront deposit, with flexible terms to match your cash flow requirements.

A popular car finance option for employees – we make a lease arrangement with your employer to finance a car through salary sacrifice

Loan Calculator

Note: The information provided by the calculator is intended to provide illustrative examples based on stated assumptions and your inputs. Calculations are meant as estimates only and it is advised that you consult with a mortgage broker about your specific circumstances.